No job after graduation? – Don’t lose hope or waste time

Dublin, 18 October 2016

What happens, when the dream job doesn’t come up right after graduation? Were your studies and good grades for nothing? Did you maybe choose the wrong major? These thoughts cross the minds of many graduates, who just don’t seem to find a job after university. Maybe you should have listened to your parents after all, when they advised you to give up African Studies or Philosophy in favour of something “real”.
Or maybe you could have squeezed in one more internship? Our advice – don’t lose your hope, many others are in the same position. Rather concentrate on finding constructive ways out of your rut.Generally speaking, it is true that engineers or programmers have an easier time finding jobs than humanists. The good news, however, is that „harder“ doesn’t equate „impossible“. Not even the highest degree from the best university can guarantee the immediate and successful transition into the workforce. Instead of blaming yourself and thinking about chances gone bye, you should rather stay motivated and focused and start looking for a job. Think of this unplanned sabbatical as a chance. If you really went all the way into studying, there must have a been a lot of experiences you didn’t have time to make. Running and dividing your time between courses, the library and learning groups, you surely must have missed one or another opportunity to party or go on a holiday with your friends. Why not make up for all that now, at least partially, and try all the things, for which there didn’t seem to be enough time during university? As long as you stay grounded and don’t forget your goal of finding a job, go ahead.You should keep your days structured still, even if now you can sleep in more often. But after a hearty breakfast, it’s time to look for job offers. JOBswype is a good place to start, as every day you’ll find the newest job openings. Sign up for a free account and start your search! Set yourself the realistic goal of at least three applications every week. And don’t forget to craft the most professional looking and sounding application documents. You’ll find enough tips on our blog. The experience that you’ll gain during this time in applying for jobs will be of tremendous help to you later on, when you‘ll be looking for jobs again. You can also use the time to gain new qualifications by taking language or computer or any other classes. This will also help you keep your CV without unsightly gaps. Last, but not least, the really good news – you really aren’t in such a tough spot. Statistically, more than 95% of all university graduates find long term employment. So, stay motivated and good luck!

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