This is how you’ll get a promotion for a managing position

Dublin, 27 August 2017

You are new in your job, just started working and want to reach the stars? Be in a managing position in a few years? At first, for many it may look like (good) bosses possess a special gene or some extraordinary personality traits. The truth is, they have put in vast amounts of work and also had a little bit of luck.
Sadly, we can’t provide you a blueprint of how to be promoted to a managing position. We can, however, provide a few starting points that will set you on the right path. Let’s get started!1. Build a strong professional network. By building and maintaining a strong professional network, you will find like-minded individuals that are able to relate to your challenges and worries and provide you with good advice and, most importantly, mentors. They have already arrived at the point that you want to get to in a few years and can not only give you good advice, but also point out opportunities for you that you’ve had otherwise ignored. Regularly attend (social) events from your line of work (talks, seminars, fairs etc.) and befriend the right people.2. Always stay up to date.  A good boss always sets a good example for the team that they are leading. This means that they have to stay up to day with all news and developments pertaining to their field of work, so that they are able not only to help out their underlings in moments of need and provide solutions, but also to give new impulses. It’s only possible, if they’ll actively keep themselves up to date with news, new developments and new methods. Start doing this right now and your superiors will definitely notice and appreciate your effort and dedication. In turn, you’ll be on their radar come promotion time. 3. Don’t forget the basics of your job. You want to be the referee without knowing the rules of the game? In the same way, in order to lead a team, you must be aware of every and each detail and procedure of your daily work. Don’t be afraid to learn from other colleagues and don’t shy away from new tasks and new (and increased) responsibilities. Without solid experience, you just aren’t ready for a managing position.4. The qualities of a manager. You won’t find the one quality of a manager, because oft he differences between positions, domains and companies. If you nevertheless are reliable, a good communicator, ready to take on responsibility and self-reflected, you are on the right way.

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