Change of profession no rarity in european countries

Dublin, 25 January 2017

Reasons for change of profession varied – leader is Hunagry

Vienna, 1/23/2017: While a couple of years ago it would have been quite difficult to practice another profession than the one learned or studies for, it is not a rarity anymore today. This shows a recent poll of the job search engine Jobswype, active in Europe. Strikingly many profession changers within the last 5 years are to be found in Hungary, followed by the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Ireland is midrange with 42 % of profession changers.

More and more people find out after their completed training, studies or even after practice of a certain profession that their interests lie in a different field and as a consequence reorient themselves.

The country with most profession changers according to the Jobswype poll is Hungary. There, around 62 % of the polled people changed their profession during the last 5 years. The second place goes to the Czech Republic and Slovakia with 59 % in each case, followed by Rumania with 57 %. Also in the other polled countries thee proportion of profession changers lies between 37 to 54 %. To the question “Have you changed your profession during the last 5 years?” 42 % answered with “Yes” in the Ireland.

Reasons for this comparably high percentage of profession changers could be a change of interests. Further reasons can, according to the operator of the job search engine in Europe, can be found within personal reasons such as dissatisfaction, stress or poorly assessed promotion prospects in a certain branch. But also a change of the profession field in itself can be a crucial factor for a professional reorientation.

„Before it comes to a change of profession it has to be identified if the experienced dissatisfaction really applies to the profession in itself (e.g.: bank employee) or merely to the circumstances at work”, recommends Jobswype director Christian Erhart. “When this question is answered and you are sure that you want to change your profession, it takes good recherché concerning which branch you want to work in and detecting where you interests and talents are. And don’t forget to detect which branches are promising for the future.” For a successful change of profession the job search engine Jobswype is then at your disposal offering more than 238 000 jobs out of 33 different branches in the Ireland.

1000 users took part in this poll from December 2016.

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Change of profession no rarity in european countries

Change of profession no rarity in european countries

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