Jobswype poll shows: The most important job-related New Year’s resolution is to get a new job

Dublin, 14 February 2018

Three out of four european employees agree

Each year, we think of the greatest New Year’s resolutions. Reason enough for the job search engine Jobswype to poll its European users concerning their job-related New Year’s resolutions for 2018. The result of this poll: On average every fourth person of the polled people is looking for a new job, while the other asked persons in more or less equal shares would like to enhance their career respectively want to have more free time.

Every new year on New Years Eve, various plans for the following year are created. All time popular New Year's resolutions are such which are related to health and fitness. But what about people’s professional intentions?

The job search engine Jobswype is polling its users in Europe to their job related plans by the turn of the year. New job, career or more leisure time? The result was perfectly clear: Between 75 percent (Hungary) ad 88 percent (Rumania) would like to find a new, better job. For 7 percent (Romania, Slovakia) to 16 percent (United Kingdom) the emphasis is on enhancing the career, while 4 percent (Ireland, United Kingdom) to 14 percent (Poland) want to have more free time.

Professional New Year’s Resolutions in the UK and Ireland

What is the priority in 2018 for people in the United Kingdom and Ireland? The most common plan for employees in the UK and Ireland is to find a new job (86 to 89 percent). 10 to 16 percent want to improve their career and 4 percent intend to have more leisure time in 2018.

Good resolutions are giving us security

“All New Year’s resolutions, both professional and private ones, are returning every year again and again. When we are passing the last year in review at the beginning of a new year, we often notice that we haven’t achieved everything we were hoping to do. Instead of being disappointed though, we plan to carry these things out the following year. Psychologists know that phenomenon and have a good explanation for it”, explains Christian Erhart, Jobswype director.

Indeed, it is the case that if people are setting certain goals for the year to come which would benefit them, they are feeling more protected and encouraged. Reasons for these feelings could be an increased corporal well being or prestige. “However changes are hard on the brain, which makes us fall back into habitual patterns even more easily. This is why New Year’s resolutions more often than not get stuck in the planning phase”, Erhart points out.

Allies help us to keep going

One of the best strategies to counteract that, is a very simple action. “Find yourself allies”, recommends Jobswype director Erhart. “No matter if it concerns the plan to make more sports or to enhance your career, search for friends that share the same goals. Together you can then make sure that you don’t run out of motivation and stick to your plan”, Erhart adds.

This poll has been conducted by Jobswype in december 2017 and January 2018. 1 896 people took part.

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The most important job-related New Year’s resolution is to get a new job

The most important job-related New Year’s resolution is to get a new job

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